Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cleaning out my closet

I have always had a hard time getting rid of clothes. Whenever I plan to edit my wardrobe, I realize how cute some things are and can't give them away. Even if I hardly wear them!

This past month I have been more determined then ever to reduce the size of my wardrobe. First, I made a list of what I want my style to be. It sounds silly, but it really helped me determine what I should keep and what I should get rid of. What I wanted out of my wardrobe are clothes that can effortlessly be put into outfits. No more things that could only be worn in a few ways (no matter how cute it was!). I also wanted my clothes to be more timeless pieces and less trendy. This will help me when I go shopping in the future to realize if the items are something I just like, or are they something I can actually wear many times for many years.

I couldn't manage overhauling my wardrobe in one day, so every few days I would pull something out that I could part with. After it got easier for me, I was able to pull many things at once. I had a yard sale this weekend to sell them. In the states I wouldn't have done this, but this Air Force base is  a unique community where I could set up something like this and it actually be successful.

It was kinda embarrassing to see how many clothes I had accumulated. Part of the reason is that I haven't outgrown clothes in many years, but part is also because I'm a member of the "this is cute and cheap so I'm going to buy it" club. Seeing all those clothes displayed and not stuffed in my closet was a good wake up call. It made me see how I need to only buy things that will last and still be fashionable, as well as just buy less in general.

My closet is hardly sparse and I'm still going to be working on weeding out more pieces, but I am proud of myself for being able to part with so many clothes. I don't think I've ever done that before! In the past, I've only gotten rid of clothes because they wore out or I outgrew them. But now, it feels great to have less "stuff" around and to have less clutter. Even if that clutter was hidden behind my closet door.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Bicycle Accessories

Now that the weather is so nice, I've been wanting to get a bicycle. Even though I haven't found one yet, it hasn't stopped me from looking at the different bicycle accessories. Here are some of my favorites.

Public Bikes
This is a removable basket that would be perfect for taking into a grocery store. That way, you know exactly how much you can carry home.

I like that this basket is different than most. It also seems a bit larger, so also good for a grocery store trip.

While this is perfect for holding your iPhone if you need to use the GPS, it would also be great to hold while listening to music.


Back when I still had a bicycle, I never knew what to do with my U-lock, so it just rattled around my handlebars, annoying me. This is a much better place for it!


This basket hooks onto the back rack and hangs off the side so you can have two. I love the bright yellow it comes in!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Color Run

I spent my 4th of July doing the Color Run! I have never been a runner, so I was really proud that I ran it- and in 25 minutes!

And in case you are wondering, not everyone was pelted in the face with half a bag of color. I was just the special one.