Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Collage

I made this after my first trip to New York. Usually, instead of buying a generic souvenir, I like to find a cool memento like a ring to remember the trip every time I wear it. For this trip I decided not to do that.

The whole week I saved every ticket, brochure, and card. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with all this paper, but I just knew that I wanted to make my own souvenir.

When the trip ended I was left with a sizable stack on papers. I laid them all out to view what I had collected an a collage was created!

I simply painted a canvas a bright color to contrast nicely with the various things glued on. Then I cut out the things I most enjoyed from the trip and glued them on in an interesting arrangement. SO EASY!

I saw a unique play called Sleep No More. It is like nothing I have ever seen before! You wear mask, literally run around an old hotel converted into the set, and watch different actors act out the play. This dollar was part of the "trash" on the ground in an outdoor scene. The set included cupboards you could look through, secret doors, and the most detail I have ever seen. It is still playing I believe, and highly recommend such an unusual experience!

Getting to see Alexander McQueen's clothes was neat. How he came up with that stuff is unbelievable. I also saw an improve group called the Upright Citizens Brigade. Amy Poehler was in the cast that night!

This collage is such a fun piece of art, and brings back so many happy memories.

I highly recommend this DIY for your next trip.

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