Thursday, February 13, 2014

Polka Dot Door

I found some turquoise colored painter's tape and knew that I needed it for decorating something. After a few days, I decided my front door would be the first thing I used it for.

To cut out my polka dots, I stuck the tape to the wall, traced a circle, and them cut them out.

I really like having my front door decorated- it sets it apart from everyone else who lives on my apartment floor. I think I will be changing the design often.


  1. This really makes your apartment door stand out! It looks lovely :) You always have great ideas!

  2. Haha this is too cute and adorable!

  3. It looks super-cute and is such a lovely idea! Too bad my landlord would never allow it...

    PS: I just found your blog and I love that your logo is a burger, so cool! :)

  4. Oh, this is the coolest! I love polka dots, and this is such a great way to make your front door stand out :) Where Mr. B and I live, all the front doors are bright orange; I think you just inspired me to do something about our front door ;) Thanks so much for sharing! And thanks so much for popping by my blog, I really like yours :)


    1. I think white polka dots would look really cool with the orange door! Thanks for the kind words :)


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